end bumper bolts in bronze b 335 in chrome c 335

this is a 1933 buick end bumper bolt
80.00 bronze b 335
110.00 chrome c 335

head light tab # 423

this goes in the bucket part
bronze 25.00
chrome 35.00

head light tab #424

this holds the head light ring to the bucket
25.00 bronze
35.00 chromw

head light tab 227

this holds the head light ring to the bucket
bronze 25.00
chrome 35.00

1932 1934 1935 buick glove box deep #331

teses are new fiber glass glove box made in fiber glass . this one is full deep as original .

1933-1934-1935 buick glove box short #332

this is a new fiber glass glove box made off an original . it is shorter for the air conditioning to fit behind it

rumble seat lid latch plate # 226

this is the part the rumble seat latches into .

license plate tee tab bronze b-225 chrome c -225

license plate tee tab to hold the tee in place
price bronze 20.00
price in chrome 35.00

trunk latch bronze b-330 chrome c-330

this is a trunk latch for the victoria trunks
price in bronze 350.00 ea.
price in chrome 450.00 ea.

end bumper bolt washer #329

this goes in the end of the bumper to hold the bumper spring in place

center bumper bolt bronze # B 224 chrome # C 224

bronze cast with stainless steel bolt and nut
bronze price 65.00
chrome price 90.00

door strap bracket for convertables bronze # b 419 chrome # c 419

this is a door strap bracket for convertable doors
price in bronze 45.00
price in chrome 75.00

trunk-rumble seat -golf door handle # 223

this is a trunk-rumble seat lid -golf door handle .
the lock is a non working lock .
you can replace it with you working lock
price 150.00 in bronze
price 250.00 in chrome

glove box door pull bronze # B222 chrome # C 222

1932 buick glove box door pull
price in bronze 60.00

price in chrome 80.00

windshield post bolt #B 221

this is a wind shield post bolt
price in bronze 45.00
price in chrome 65.00